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Dominate your Clash of Clans Opponent!

From Town Hall 5 to Town Hall 11, Clash Fanatic provides you with the latest tips and strategies to win more loot, more battles, and more Clan Wars!

Swipe through defense and attack tips for Clan War in Clash of Clans.

Swipe through Defense and Attack tips

Learn the best Army and attack strategies.

Learn the best Army and attack strategies

Find players last time playing Clash of Clans.

Find players last time playing Clash of Clans

Learn the Clan War lingo to communicate like a War Hero!

Learn the Clash of Clans lingo


  • Clash Tips: Swipe through valuable Defense and Attack Tips. The only thing you'll be getting matched with are more Stars, more Loot, and more Wins!
  • Attack Guide: From Town Hall 5–11, learn the most dominating attacks and Army compositions. Penta LavaLoon, HGHB, BoVaWi, Drag LaLoon, GoVaHo, Mass Dragon Hound, LavaLoonion, GiWi, and plenty more!
  • Last Seen: Determine the time a player was last playing Clash of Clans. If a Clan Mate is a no-show to Clan War, cover their attacks so you won't miss out on easy Stars!
  • Clash Terms: Communicate like a Clash of Clans veteran! Learn the common Clash Terms such as Aggro, Breach, Feeder Clan, Kill Squad, Mirror, Surgical, Trigger Ring, War Weight, ZapQuake, and more!
  • Beautiful UI that works on any iOS 8.1+ device from iPhone 4s to iPad Pro!

Lead your Clan to Victory!

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