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Top-rated Maps, Guides & Tips for Clash of Clans

Clash Fanatic is a fan-developed Clan War & Attack Strategy Guide that's full of useful content to help you and your Clan get more STARS, WINS & LOOT!

Learn the best attack strategies from Town Hall 5 all the way to Town Hall 13. These strategies include the latest Army Compositions (like GiWiPe, GoLaLoon, Penta LavaLoon) that the top Players and Clans are using to fill their War Log with wins! Swipe left and right through valuable Defense and Attack tips. Learn the Clash of Clans lingo. Determine when players were last on to cover their attacks. Find your next clan with Featured Clans. All presented in a VERY easy-to-use App interface.

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Best guide app for Coc

This app it’s incredible, everything it’s simple in this app, by clicking a button you can copy the perfect base and army. I recommended 100% if you want to improve you ability in Clash of Clan.


easy to use UI and easy to use. Very informative,I love how clearly visible the bases are. The attack strategies are explained in depth, Would recommend to anyone playing Clash of Clans


Very helpful for a coc player. Through this a player can learn a lot about coc bases, attacking strategies as per the TH and much more. It can help a player to become a pro in no time. Totally impressed by this app.