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EDM Hashtags allows you to quickly and easily create a Rave-ready Hashtag Bank to be pasted right into your next Instagram or Social Media post. Over 350 EDM-related Hashtags are broken down into 8 unique categories, including Shuffling & Dancing / Rave Wear & Fashion / PLUR / Music / Producing / DJing and more! Expand the potential reach of your Festival photos to more Electronic Music lovers like yourself!

Hashtags from 8 EDM-related categories!

Simply tap a Hashtag to add it to your bank! Select up to 30 to Copy for Social Media.

Vital Rave-ready Hashtags will help boost the reach of your latest Festival Fashion photos to other like-minded Ravers!

Hashtags copied, and all ready to paste in your next Social Media post! Rave on!


  • OVER 350 Rave-ready Hashtags to select from.
  • Incredibly easy to use, in a beautiful and minimalistic User Interface.
  • Create your Bank with Hashtags from as many EDM-related categories as you desire.
  • No duplicates! EDM Hashtags prevents you from adding the same Hashtag twice to your Bank!
  • No watermark tags! The Hashtags in your Bank are the Hashtags that get copied. No watermarked / ghosted tags.

EDM Hashtags - Hashtags for Everything Electronic Music!

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